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A Legal Consultation Is Between The Client And His Attorney

I have been working the front desk of our office for many years, and almost every day I have to confront irate people who come in with the client and demand to be present at the consultation.

I find myself explaining that it is not only unethical for the attorney to talk about the case in front of anyone other than the client, but also uncomfortable. The problem is, they tell me, that other attorneys allow it and they ask me why we are the only ones who seem to follow that ethic.

It doesn't even matter to them that an ethical attorney could be an indication of a good attorney because they just want to be part of the consultation so that they can have the chance to put their two cents in. Well, I tell people like that, if the attorney needs your two cents, he'll ask you for them!

Some clients go to another attorney who is willing to do whatever it takes to get that client's money. Ironically, those attorneys get paid with no questions or any doubt on the clients' mind. People think that a greedy attorney, and most likely an unethical one at that, is a better attorney. That's life!

P.S. Please remember that just because you are helping with your son's legal bill (as an example), it doesn't mean that you must be present at a time when the attorney-client privilege is a must.

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