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Is Your Hybrid Allowed On The HOV Lanes If You Are Alone?

Recently I encountered a friend at the courthouse in Virginia. He was in court to defend a ticket for an HOV violation. "You criminal!" I joked. After all kidding set aside, he told me that he had been traveling solo on the HOV lanes since he purchased his Hybrid vehicle, unknowingly violating the law. He was surprised to have been stopped by a police officer and given the summons. He was then surprised to learn that just because you own such a vehicle, doesn't mean you can jump into the HOV lanes unless you have a sticker issued by the DMV. "Nobody ever told me I needed one", he said. In fact, I myself never even thought about that. Had I purchased a Hybrid too, I would have probably been paying for a violation as well. I found a website with good information on this subject.

Posted by:Marizta SalvadoParalegal

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