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Bonding out of jail most often comes as a surprise because most people finding themselves in that situation have never thought they would be in it.

Not all people charged with a crime know the legal system. When we get calls at the office the first word out from the other end is "I don't know how to go about getting a Bondsman. We have never been in this situation before." Not only do they not know how to contact one, they have no idea about how it works. Here are the steps to getting your family member or friend out.

When the person gets taken to jail, the Magistrate (open 24 hours, at least in this are)decides if he would set bond or not. If a bond is set, it could be a Personal Recognize (PR) Bond, which means the accused can get out when he signs a promise to show up to court. If it is not a PR Bond, then the person needs to deposit the amount indicated to be the Bond. This is assurance to the authority that the person will show up to court because otherwise, he will loose that deposit. However, most people cannot afford to deposit the amount of the Bond and that's were the Bondsman comes in.

If the Bond has been set at, let's say, $10,000. The Bondsman can take the responsibility for that amount. That means, if the accused misses court, the Bondsman has to pay the court the $10,000. Naturally, the Bondsman has to make sure he can get that money out of the accused, his family or friend that signs at the time of bonding out. Another alternative is for the Bondsman to find the "Bail Jumper", turn him in and he doesn't have to pay the money.

There are many scenarios to this process, but the main thing to know is that if you can not deposit the amount requested, the Bondsman will charge you a percentage, plus processing fees, for him to take on that responsibility. Also remember that money you pay the Bondsman is not returnable because you are paying him to bail your family member or friend out of jail for a smaller amount than the Magistrate is requesting. Some people do call the office asking if that money will be returned, but if you think about it, why would anyone take on the responsibility and the trouble of spending a few hours at the Magistrate to bond someone out?

Last, but not least, the Bonding companies usually post their telephone numbers on a board designated to them by the Magistrate's office. Your attorney's office might be able to provide you with a Bonding company's telephone number.

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