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Child Support In Maryland

Child Support

What is Child Support?
Child support is a court-ordered payment requiring one parent who does not have custody of the child to the other parent who does have custody of the child. A court may also order child support to be paid when parents share custody of a child. Child support payments help pay for the costs associated with raising the child. Children have the right to benefit from the incomes of both parents.
Child Support exists to raise the standard of living for children by enforcing their right to receive financial support from both of their parents. The child support program assists families with collecting much needed child support from parents who are not in the home.
  • You must be able to establish paternity of the child.
  • If you are not receiving cash assistance or medical assistance, you must pay a one time non-refundable fee of $25.00 when you file an application.
  • There is NO income requirement to receive assistance from the child support program.
  • You must be willing to provide as much information as you can regarding locating the absent.
Where to Apply:
  • Your local Child Support Enforcement Agency.
What to Bring:
  • Photo Identification (Driver’s License, Maryland ID, or Employment ID)
  • Proof of Address (from Apartment or house lease; electric, gas, water, or phone bill; rent book; rent receipt; or mortgage statement)
  • Birth Certificate for the child you are seeking support
  • Proof of paternity (if any)
  • Information about the absent parent
  • Social Security Cards: It is best to bring a card for everyone for whom you are seeking benefits (yourself, children, and so on).

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