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Paternety Establishment In Maryland

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 ( from the Maryland Courts Information)
Maryland law allows paternity to be established through a court order or through an Affidavit of Parentage form. In order to establish paternity, you, your child, and your child’s father may have to undergo genetic testing. Don’t be afraid. Genetic testing no longer means taking blood with a needle. The new genetic testing simply involves passing a swab along the inside of the cheek to gather a saliva sample. A representative from your local child support office can explain the process of establishing paternity to you and your child’s father. Your local office of child support enforcement can also explain the rights and responsibilities that go along with paternity and answer questions. If you are currently receiving Temporary Cash Assistance payments, your case will automatically be referred to your local office of child support enforcement by the Department of Social Services.

Your child deserves all of the advantages in life that two parents can give. There are some special reasons to establish paternity.

Benefit For Your Child: Your child may be eligible for some benefits because you have established paternity. These benefits may include social security, veteran’s benefits, health insurance, life insurance and inheritance. Establishing paternity ensures you can provide for your child even when the unexpected occurs.
Family Medical History: Knowing the family’s full history of diseases, illnesses and birth defects will help your doctor if your child becomes sick. It’s important to know the father’s medical history for this reason.
Child Support: Your child needs and deserves both emotional and financial support from both parents. You may think that you can get by on your own and live without any help from your child’s father. But you may change your mind some day. A court can’t order child support without legal proof of paternity. It’s easier to get that proof today than to wait.

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