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Getting Too Many Attorneys Solicitations Because You Have A Case In Court?

Attorneys Are Filling Up Your Mailboxes, Here Is Why...

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If you have been summoned to court for tickets, or any other legal matter that might require you to defend yourself, you will probably get a great amount of letters from attorneys soliciting your retainer. Some of our clients have expressed their concern regarding these letters because for one thing, they often than not create more confusion, anxiety and even deprives them of their privacy, if they happen to have a roommate for example.

Contrary to what some lawyers might tell you, everyone has access to the list of people that have been issued tickets or arrested. Even  a ticket for passing a red light can bring up the name and address of  the individual ticketed. Some lawyers, however, seem to want to give the impression that they have been alerted by the court because they have a close relationship or because they have some special knowledge.

A word o warning!  Shop around, try to get a friend's referral instead, especially if the attorney doesn't appear to be willing or want to spend the time explaining to you in details such things as the court process, the legal implications of your case or appears to be more interested in how much you will pay than in the processing of your case.

At Salvado,Salvado & Salvado, PC, we make sure that our clients understand what they are facing in their case.   

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