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Free Divorce Consultation v. Paid Consultation

One of our Divorce client was waiting to be called by the attorney for her follow up visit and we chatted while she waited. The phone rang and she overheard me say "100 for the consultation" and finishing the call rather quickly. "Some people don't want to pay for the consultation because they say there are other attorneys that do not charge", I said to her. "Well, she responded, they might very well give a free consultation just to tell you how much you are expected to spend, but she wont come out of there too well informed as people do here."
I don't really know what happens at those free consultations, but the client is probably right. No attorney will spend as long as it takes to explain and evaluate  the case because he/she will be spending a lot of time doing so. Clients seeking free legal advice, but have no intentions of hiring an attorney are usually the ones unwilling to pay for their services but want to learn the divorce process, courts procedure and make decisions on their own without spending a cent. The way we see it, if the client is willing to start with an $100 expense, then that person is willing to compensate the attorney for his services.
If you get a free Divorce consultation and come out of the interview knowing less than you did before, give us a try before you decide. It will be worth the $100.00 spent.

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