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Are You Receiving Attorneys' Letters Promising Good Outcome Of Your Case?

If you have been charged with a crime, infraction or other matter that demands your appearance in court, you will receive many letters from attorneys soliciting their services. Please be aware that they cannot mislead you in any way. Attorneys should indicate that all cases are different (contrary to what some might be saying) and the outcome of your case will depend on many factors.

Please review the Virginia State Bar Rule for attorneys to follow when advertising. Then make an intelligent decision on which lawyer to hire. The one that is truthful and tells it like it is, or the one that implies he can get your case dismissed if you hire him/her.

Consult with more than one attorney, including Salvado, and choose one that tells it like it is. Beware of any that boasts about knowing the judges, prosecutors, etc.  All attorneys practicing in the same courts for a number of years (in fact even within the year) become familiar with the court personnel.  A judge or prosecutor will take a big chance at loosing his/her cushioned job. So he is not likely to give your attorney a break just because they played Golf the day before. Read more on this

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