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Legal consultations are not hard to find, and they are mostly free. However, one needs to make sure of getting the right answers to the questions regarding, for example, the outcome of the case. Just like all cases are different, so are the courts. Any attorney that tries to imply that he has connections with the judges, prosecutors or any one such court authority, is not only violating the Ethics Rule of Law, but is also implying that such court officials are corrupt! If you live in a small town of maybe a population of a thousand, there might be more room for the possibility of these such Ethics violations. But no matter who or where it is done, it is a risky business and not likely to be practiced in this area.

Knowing the judges and prosecutors is not anything special for any attorney practicing in the area.
Young attorneys that are just starting out will soon feel comfortable in the court he is practicing at. It won't be long before they become part of the legal community, but it won't give them the right to say that they can get a good outcome of a case because they know the judges and the prosecutors. Every one of those attorneys that are in court practically every day, will become very familiar with the court system and their judges. Especially as time passes and hundreds of cases are behind them. (Our Firm has been in the NV are since the 1990's so, we have definitely handle hundreds of cases)

Beware of an attorney that promises your case will be resolved the way you want it to be.  No attorney wants to loose his case in court. Each attorney has his own way of dealing with the cases and that might be all that will matter. There are usually three things that the attorneys need to consider on the day of handling their clients' cases. 1. The police officer 2. The Prosecutor and 3. The Judge. Usually the Police Officer will have to go along with the Prosecutors' decisions regarding the disposition or outcome of the case.
This means that if the attorney asks for the case to be dismissed by the prosecutor, he/she will normally make a determination after speaking and getting an agreement with the officer (this is typical in the Northern Virginia courts). Then there is also the judge. If a judge thinks that a prosecutor is not handling the case the way it should be handled or if he thinks there is some type of favoritism going on, he can make a different determination of the disposition of the case or reject the agreement that has been worked out. This also works the other way around. If the Prosecutor finds that a certain judge is favoring an attorney for personal reasons, he might and should be inclined to report such actions.

An attorney playing Golf with the Judges or the Prosecutors doesn't necessarily mean that person will be willing to put his cushioned job on the line. Not only that, cases are usually distributed to the judges and prosecutors to handle on the same day  they will be heard in the General District Court (this is typical in the NV area), so if an attorney is playing Golf with a judge on Sunday, that judge will probably not be the one handling that attorney's case the next day, which will be Monday.

So, in light of all that, if you have had or have in the future an attorney suggest or imply that he has some kind of clout in court, that is not the attorney you want. Choose one that will tell you what he is supposed to say and not one that wants to make sure you pay his fees or rather one that is more of a salesman and might know more about that than about the law.

Here is the rule attorneys must follow when consulting with their clients as suggested by the Virginia State Bar.

If you know someone who got his case dismissed or whose case was won or lost after going to trial, it does not mean you will have the same outcome, even if the charge was the same. All cases are different and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your attorney should evaluate your case based on the facts and circumstances.

This is not to be considered as Legal advice

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