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MD 301-933-1814  VA 703-379-9446

The firm Salvado, Salvado & Salvado, PC has been defending clients for DWI since 1990.  There is no doubt that we are one of the most  experienced attorneys in the area. And best of all, one of the most reasonably priced.  Paying a lot of money for your defense does not guarantee the outcome of your case.  However, should you find an attorney that guarantees the outcome, ask him to put it in writing and by all means go with him/her. Also, sitting in the court room while waiting for your case to be called will give you a good idea of how cases such as yours are being resolved. A confident attorney, such as the ones from this firm, is not afraid to let their clients know what goes on in the courtroom.  Letting a client wait outside for his/her case to be called might be a tactical way of keeping him/her in the dark. (this is not legal advice, just an opinion). If you are paying $5000 vs. $2000 for a DWI defense, chances are you will be asked to wait outside, then you might find out at the ASAP meeting (if your case is in Virginia, for example) that the person next to you had the same result and only paid the lesser amount (or even much less). Sometimes, even a free attorney, such as a Public Defender or court appointed, is more experienced than one charging a huge amount of money for defending a case. Consulting with different attorneys, if you have the time, is recommended.
                                   THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE

Our consultations are always free. The attorneys are always available to speak with you weather it's your first, second or third consultation.

Contact us today. Telephone consultations are not the best way to consult but we also make it possible. You can e-mail us your court papers (especially the green sheet) for better valuation of your case.

Always bring your DWI court papers with you when you come to our office to consult.

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