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Criminal Immigration Lawyers

Criminal Immigration Lawyers 


Two Separate Matters, But Sometimes Related

When it comes to criminal lawyers these days, some of their clients are finding themselves needing to consult with an immigration attorney that can tell them what, if any, consequences there might be in the future that might affect their immigrant status in the United States.

In fact, even a Permanent Resident might be affected in such a way that the dream of becoming an American Citizen will not be realized.   Not everyone being charged with a crime is a criminal, however, everyone being charged with a crime runs the risk.

The one thing to remember is that the criminal defense should always come first because the immigration proceedings will come second. A criminal defense is most important because weather the person will be able to remain in this country or deported, he/she might have to face the court's ruling before a determination of immigrant status is made.  For example, if the person is convicted and will have to serve time in jail, that time will be spent here before deportation.

A criminal lawyer will concentrate on defending the client in court and the immigration lawyer will take over in finding a possible way to resolve the immigration issue depending on the outcome of the criminal case. Of course, all cases are different and a consultation with a criminal lawyer and an immigration lawyer is always necessary. Criminal Immigration Lawyers are each prepared to get the best possible results for their clients.

To consult with our criminal lawyer please call us for your free consultation. You can also make an appointment to consult with our immigration lawyer.

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